Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Guess Who I Met Today?

Walking on 50 Street by Broadway, I was looking at digital camera by the window -- and suddenly, I felt a jolt -- a petite woman walked into my chest. I turned to look down at her. She has a bright orangish/reddish hair. She attempted to speak but I quickly intervened that I am Deaf. She then gestured that she's sorry and greeted me good bye. She then went on her own with a teenager strolling down the street. She was wearing a fur coat which was odd considering the fact that the climate was very warm today.

Cool, I just bumped into Jeanne-Claude, today. Who is Jeanne-Claude and Christo? They just unveiled The Gates in Central Park. I plan to check The Gates this coming friday. It should be interesting, just right before I go to Web's Mommy & Daddy's Wine & Cheese thing on Friday night.

Should be fun.


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