Monday, February 07, 2005

Stuff To Mumble About

I watched Everybody Loves Raymond where Raymond berated his brother, Robert Barone for arresting a person who kept on using the gang signs to him.

When Robert requested the person to stop flashing his gang signs, the person ignored Robert. Robert then arrested him.

Raymond berated Robert, "But he was not using gang signs, was he?"

Robert mumbled, "Yeah, he was being deaf ... "

Then Robert signed, "Me so so sorry."

I was on my bed when I saw it and I quickly got up and stared at Robert's eloquent response. Good one.

* * *

Now on other hand, Jose Canseco, a former major league baseball player who had a rap of being in trouble with the law. Jose wrote a book about his issues with the steroids. He insisted that he personally injected steroids into Mark McGwire, and he saw McGwire and Giambi injecting each other with the steroids.

And what raised my eyebrows is that Jose claimed that GW Bush knew all about it because he was "there". GW Bush claimed that he was not aware of steroid use while he owned the Texas Rangers. C'mon, Coke snorter like GW Bush did not know that the MLB players injecting the steroids? Yeaaaaah, right! Like I believe GW Bush.

* * *

How many fag hags do I have?

Chlms of Phoenix, Arizona

Chlms once remarked that she can murder me and get away with it. My friends asked me whether if it was true or not, I nodded in agreement with Chlms. How terrifying, is it?

Beth Szywomanski of Cincinnati, Ohio

Who, in their right minds, would NOT want her as a fag hag? Beth can make Karen Walker like a nun, honest to God.

Carrie Gellibrand of San Jose, Calif.

Always fun to hang out with. Impossible not to have fun times with her. Ask her about the struggle for the right to pee in The Hole.

Rachel Pigott of Washington, DC

She once ambushed me in front of my parents and Mom cheered her on as I laughed incessantly out of my mind.

Erin Whitney of Ventura, Calif.

When I first met her, she seemed uninterested but if you get her going, there is no way for us to stop the wheels because we fed off each other on almost everything.

I have many more female friends across the nation -- in Washington, Boston, Albuquerque, Miami, Clearwater (Fl.) and some cities in Canada.

It is tough being gay, man. Such a hard life.



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