Saturday, February 12, 2005

That Was Not Me, Manny!

Last night, I saw a guy that looked like a guy I used to date -- Art. Yep, that is his name. Remember him, Chlms, Manny and Jason? When I saw him, I chuckled because a funny thing happened in his apartment during the Gay Pride Weekend in DC about 4 years ago.

Manny, Jason, Art and I along with few others partied 'til maybe 5 AM or 6 AM! Anyway, I neglected to inform Manny and others that Art's friends from North Carolina was "expected to arrive and will use that bed" in bedroom which can be seen from the living room.

Manny and others went to sleep. Art told me that we'll sleep on that bed until his friends arrive, then we move on the floor so they can sleep on the bed. I went along with it.

Eventually, I fell asleep. The couple came, woke us up and kicked us off -- I looked at them, the couple is one big guy (just like me) and one thin guy. I went back to sleep on the floor. About an hour later, Art woke me up and said to be quiet and look at the bed which is about 2 or 3 feet away from me. The big guy was on the top of this guy and was fucking him. I grinned then went back to sleep.

Little did I know that Manny who was sleeping in the living room happened to wake up and saw the fuck as well? He was horrified because he thought it was ME doing that to Art.

The next day at the Festival, Manny said, "You know that I saw you having sex with Art last night?"

I categorically denied it. He insisted that I did. I told him it was that couple, not me. I slept on the floor.

Today, he still thinks it was me.

Which is fine with me.


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