Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Don't Talk To Me About Traditions

"Rules are made to be broken."

That's how I perceived it unto the traditional marriage. When people, especially with conservative, X-ian and Republican attempted to cover their homophobic attitudes against the same-sex marriage, they often said that they are doing it, not out of homophobic, but to preserve the tradition.


To preserve the tradition.

Let me do the hairball thing first. *spitting the biggest hairball out of my mouth*

That is hogwash excuse.

Originally, the marriage was a way to own the property in the ancient times. Yes, as to own a woman. Which is why when women insisted to have a divorce, men did not like it because it was "unheard of".

I'm sick of straight people who claimed that they "have gay friends and they respect him/her that they are against gay marriages", that is entirely bullshit. I hadn't met a straight person who is MY FRIEND and that he is against the same-sex marriage but is fond of me. Know what? I don't consider them my friends. I consider them as wannabes.

Massachusetts has legalized the marriages for ALL. Look up in the blue sky, nothing is falling apart. Nothing. These doommsayers are phony from the day one. *spitting at them*

Honest to God, it is not about forcing a gay wedding at the First Baptist Church in Americus, Georgia -- who in the rigt frame of gay men's minds would want to have a gay wedding in that building in Americus, really?!

The whole issue is to have the benefits that comes with the marriage license. The whole thing is about the b e n e f i t s that permitted the committed persons to take care of each other financially, in sickness and health. In death and living!

But it will destroy the traditions of marriage meant for a man and a woman? *Phooey!*

Please read Shirley Jackson's The Lottery, and it will tell you that ... throughout the history of civilizations, some traditions has to be altered, destroyed or abandoned because sometimes, it is silly to uphold a tradition that does not serve a goodwill towards all peoples on the planet.

Bless Shirley Jackson because she made me realize that the traditions CAN be removed from the society. It can be done with such a force if necessary.

Deal with it, you nansy-pansies!


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