Thursday, February 17, 2005

Kappa Gamma & Phi Kappa Zeta

Do you ever get tired of these names sometimes?

I do.

It has nothing to do with me or my fraternity. But after reading this article, I cannot blame Dr. Gallop's annoyances with the mentality wall between two groups and the rest of student body.

Keith and I once sat in the foyer outside of Rathskellars and observed a freshman trying to make a conversation with Luke Ocuto who was very hostile and/or decidedly bored with this freshman BEFORE he even introduced himself to Luke. Keith and I cracked many jokes on that scenario incessantly all night long. But the point of that happenstance was tragic by itself -- that does NOT have to happen like that. But it does all the time at Gallaudet.

Sometimes it bothered me, sometimes it does not.

Not all KG brothers and PKZ sisters are like that, but the reality is that very few ones reached outside of its cliques, that is the truth. Today, I am still friends with one PKZ -- Rayni -- who else?

KG? Very few ones, why? I do not know why. But that does not matter to me, though.

It is evident that Dr. Gallop used the pseudonym name to avoid the wrath of Kappa Gamma and Phi Kappa Zeta -- it is obviously that s/he does not want to be humiliated or blacklisted on their lists. Dr. Gallop has the right to express her/his frustrations with the mentality wall between the two groups and the rest of student body.

With this article, perhaps, people will realize that maybe it is time to disband all fraternities & sororities -- I would not want that, though. Maybe THEY should go back to the secret societies like they used to be before they decided to go for greek? I really do not know.

You know, out of frustrations, we even have the obscene signs for Kappa Gamma and Phi Kappa Zeta. As you can see this -- this bore out of a frustration between these groups and the rest of student body. No, it is not the case of jealousy as many would wanted it to be, though.

At least, I used my real name but this article was well-thought article, well written by Dr. Gallop.

Oh, by the way, on 8th paragraph which it described a tall, a classy dresser with brown curly hair -- that has to be Dina Raevsky with Raylene Lotz.


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