Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Whatever Happened to CNN's Crossfire?

Sometimes you would see two guys (one young, one older) arguing on CNN's Crossfire. I cannot stand Tucker Carlson most of all. He turned me off with many accusations and always attacked anything that is good with negativity.

When CNN brought Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson on the Crossfire, I immediately changed the channel. I do not want to see the captions popping out of Carlson's mouth. Folks, some of you may be shocked that I try to be optimistic on various things. I certainly try to be.

Ok, ok, you guys can stop laugh. I know it is hysterical. I'm waiting until you guys stop laugh.

Are you done with this? Ok, thank you! I know both parties argued over many things, but to attack an individual's integrity just because s/he accomplished something that you did not accomplish, that is pretty cheap shot.

When Tucker said he will eat his shoe if Hillary Clinton managed to sell more than a million non-fiction book. Hillary aced the feat with no problem and even brought a cake that looks like a shoe to Tucker. Hilary was so nice not to bring a real shoe! Whose integrity did it looks good on? Of course, Hilary.

For years, I cannot stand these two fools fighting on that show.

Until Jon Stewart, my idol because he puts the humor in everything else be it politics, life and current events, came on the show and chided Tucker Carlson on their show. Suffice to say, Jon Stewart was right when he said that their show served no purpose but to foster a hostile attitude between different groups, especially with liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats and so on.

In few weeks, Jon Stewart killed CNN's Crossfire, I love Jon Sterwart.

Hallelujah and good riddance to Tucker Carlson.

I was reading an article on by Kurt Andersen which a friend gave me the link to check out. I noted the paragraph which it mentioned about the struggles of liberals and conservatives, maybe one day, we'll find a solution to work together -- like this paragraph.

And it was the same sort of brain-dead back-and-forth that led Jon Stewart to tell Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson, live on CNN’s Crossfire last fall, that their entirely predictable pseudo-debates amounted to nothing but useless “partisan hackery.” In that instance, the new president of CNN promptly said he agreed and canceled the show. Is it too much to hope that the end of Crossfire could mark the beginning of the end of the age of Ann Coulter and Michael Moore? Probably.

I certainly hope so.


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