Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blah, blah and blah.

4,500 for Boxer: When Senator Barbara Boxer decided to speak out about the election during the Congressional session, lots of Republicans and conservatives whined, cried and attacked her integrity but she was formidable. She was impervious to the cheap tactics that the Republicans and Conservatives attempted to bash on her.

Last Monday, her office was floored with 4,500 roses from her constituents who thanked her for making a stand on the volatile election. See? I rest my case.

Don't Forget to Bitch! You want to bitch at someone else in the Deaf Community? Or at hearing guy who gave you the ugly look at a bar? Or little things that annoys you? E-mail me and I'll remove your name, email address but comments. Then I'll draft an entry reserved for you guys to bitch at each other without letting each other know who said it all in the first place.

Food For Your Own Thoughts There are few things that I like about Republicans (i.e. less interference by the government and fiscal responsibility, that's all) and there are many things I like about Democrats. Merge into a new party called "Repubocrat"? Perhaps there will be a day ...

Liberate Iraqis, But What About Us? Why do we worry about Iraqis' freedom and liberty if we, gays and lesbians, are being denied of our rights as a citizen of this country? It is mind-boggling to read stupid commentaries from people who claimed that we are truly free. In fact, we are not exactly free in our country. Go figure.

Kurzetard Is Obviously Brain-Damaged Thanks to carbon monoxide poisoning, she seems to be senile in her own right. Which is a blessing in disguise. Her repeated rants and biased of Islam reminded me of one stupid deaf woman in North Carolina who is studying to be a pastor. She wrote in The Bugler that Islam is evil, according to her studies with the Holy Bible. She kept on repeating, "I am telling the truth because the Bible is the truth!"

Well, this stupid woman probably did not realize that the Koran and the Torah probably said the same thing ... that they are telling the truth that others are evil.

These beliefs in hocus pocus are merely delaying the civilization from reaching its full potential to craft our paths, really. Perhaps in time, the old beliefs shall be forgotten and we can move ahead. But it will take a long time -- just take a look at Kurzetard spewing its hate to her two kids -- then her two kids will spew more hate to their offsprings. Perhaps it's time for a castration, really. Umm ... just a thought, really.

Speaking of Kurzetard I got an email asking me to check the blog of AntiAmyKurz, I was amused. I have nothing to do with it but it was so funny. Have fun finding it somewhere on my blog.



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