Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Miscellaneous Tidbits To Ponder

Few people decided to fold their blogs which saddened me a little. That hunky, sexy Billy of Wet Dreaming and Michael Vernon of A Country Boy in NYC. Thank God for DowntownLad.

IN midst of everything else, kaybee told me to go ahead and let the world know that she also has a blog of her own.

To clear some confusions, Jeff Gannon is ... umm ... a male prostitute who has the access to White House press corps. Jeff was one of few ones who outed Valerie Palmie, something to do with CIA which jeopardized her husband's career. Blah, blah. Suddenly, Jeff Gannon's articles vanished from Talon News Service. Jeff Gannon's credentials totally disappeared.

When Eason Jordan mentioned at a PANEL DISCUSSION (That is freedom of speech!) that he felt that the US Armed Forces occasionally targeted the journalists during the wartime, it is Eason's right to voice his opinion(s) during the panel discussion. The Conservatives and Republicans cannot criticize and want to pull Easton down because Eason said something that contradicts their beliefs.

Sit down and shut up, conservatives and Republicans!

Kurzetard, read this and weep. If we are stucked on 4th grade reading level, hearing people are no better, either.

Oh, one more thing, it is childish and flattering that Kurzetard would go around and backstab me to different blogs rather than to confront me. It is another evidence that Kurzetard cannot challenge me at all. So she had to badmouth me to others to justify her immature actions. Kurzetard, grow up -- ever wonder why Jeff married you in the first place? It is because nobody wanted you. Not even me. Ugh.


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