Saturday, February 12, 2005

HIV Thing

Crystal Meth, know that stuff?

I tried that before in Seattle four years ago, it blew my mind away. It is not something that I can enjoy.

Don't be shocked about drugs -- I adopted the policy from one person who said that if I want to turn against drugs, I have to experience it for myself. So pretty much, I tried a lot of stuff -- 'shrooms, coke, weed, acid, ecstasy, special k, speed, and tina.

Crystal Meth is known as Tina. Which is why you see some people saying, "I hate that bitch, Tina." It is Crystal Meth, honey. Not a person, a thing, really.

Special K and Tina are the only two stuff that I do not like. It burns your nose, 'nuff said. Tina is too weird. Too paranoid but yet it can make you feel so powerful. And the first time I tried, I cannot sleep for 72 hours! My eyes moved too fast, bothering me from getting some sleep.

After that, I came back to the East Coast and vowed that I will not touch Tina. Today, I still hadn't touched it. I had no need nor desire to snort, slam or smoke Tina.

Tina was originally started in rural areas where the hicks/rednecks are too poor to buy cocaine, so they cook it in their homes using various chemicals that you can purchase from a store. Suddenly, it becomes an epidemic. The epidemic overwhelmed the resources of rural folks -- yes, it is cheap to buy Tina than to buy Coke and it lasted much longer. So like any normal business, the attractive of Tina grew so fast that it spreaded to the cities from red states (I'll blame 'em first! LOL!) and it eventually reached the minority groups such as Gays and African-Americans.

Now many Gays like to use Tina because it makes them forget their struggles, it makes them feel powerful, it makes them not to care about safe sex. I noticed the pattern.

I applauded David Staley who blitzed the advertisiing campaign that says, "HUGE SALE! Buy Crystal, GET HIV FREE!"

With lots of "trimming cuts" from the Bush Administration along with complacency, it may serve a huge blow to safe sex concept and increased the numbers of barebacking. Barebacking does not mean that you ride on a horse, honey. It means to fuck without a condom.

Yes, I met some guys who refused to use a condom. Why? Don't ask me why. They simply do and I insisted, they then kicked me out. I had been to different places where Tina played a role in making them feel better.

Why is that it makes them feel better? Lots of reasons, really. Many cannot handle the oppression -- they were denied of their rights as a person -- some conservatives will claim that their rights are NOT denied as a person but as a gay person -- but fuck you, a person applies to *everyone else*. They got rejected by their families, the government and so on. They felt, "What's the point of fighting and pleading?"

There are many reasons that Tina became a hot comodity in minority groups.

I think, it was last year, that I talked to Ben or Manny, I cannot remember which one -- I told them that I predicted that Tina will make HIV mutate into something odd -- apparently, we are getting reports that one person in his 40s here in New York that used Tina frequently and had multiple sex with men i.e. in barebacking activities -- he got a new strain of HIV that resisted the drugs and can progress from HIV into full-blown AIDS in 2 to 3 months.

All I can say is that I was right. And I am not exonerating gays' responsibility to be safe, but I must congratulate the hicks/rednecks for making Tina so popular and thank conservatives, religious and Republicans for making it possible. They are responsible for causing this particular new strain of HIV.

McCock, I don't use Tina and do not do the bareback sex. Being married, you probably barebacked all the time. I ain't surprised that when the girl is not home, it's off to the local park. Please be sure to wear a condom.


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