Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Frat, Bizarre Incident(s), Dominic and Brendan Stern

I used to read "The Frat", a publication owned by the National Fraternal Society for the Deaf (NFSD) and I thrive on its chapters' reports. Many of them would start off with: "We report to you ..."

I always thought it was funny way to share the gossips, really. They often identified the names who died, who were sick, who celebrated their 50th year of marriage, who divorced and yes, went on vacation. They often said, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith motored to Orlando for a week-long vacation, please ask them if they enjoy their vacation."

Honest, it is cute but guess what? I do not give a fuck about asking them how they enjoyed their vacation or not!

Speaking of bizarre things to report, yesterday in the afternoon, I turned the lights off in the living room and hung out in my bedroom. Suddenly, I saw the lights turn on in the living room. Apparently, someone else is home. I walked back in the living room. Nobody else is there. The light switch on the wall indicated that someone pushed up. Later in the evening, it happened again. I distinctly turned the light switch down and this time, it is up. Nobody is home except for me. Do we have a company here on this ancient island? Perhaps so.

It appeared that we have a neighbor upstairs who also sported the same brand of coat I owned. We met in the hallway, we laughed. He introduced himself, his name is Dominic. He's cute. If he visits, I'll be sure to drop my pants for him the next time around. Either way, he asked me where I purchased my coat, I told him I bought it in Pentagon City, Virginia. He said he bought it in Albany, New York.

I just read a great article by Brendan Stern. Normally, Brendan Stern does not bother me as a person. He is bit mean for my taste, I guess. I think his sisters, Louise and Shoshana are interesting persons to loiter with. Especially with Shoshana. I had some fun times with Shoshana, she's smart woman with a wicked mouth but yet so funny to watch her deflating a guy's ego in a milisecond.

Anyway, Brendan wrote the article on Buck Naked Bison which I cannot help but grin all 'til the end. It was funny one, especially the ones where a hearing Australian told them that it's rude to sign in public and Bren's response was very classic but yet so appropriate. Thanks, Bren.


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