Monday, February 21, 2005

Republicans = Fascists?

Last night, it snowed fiercely. We got about 5 inches. Today by 5 PM, I don't see any major slush areas to report. How odd is that?

I was surfing around the websites.

CANNONFIRE is certainly very intriguing. The writer is heterosexual but he coined a new term which I agreed completely. What do you define a group of gay people who advocated the right-wing groups that is bent on eradicating gays? Do we call them gay? Nah, we do not have to. They are ... Roehmosexuals!

Dan Gurley, Ken Mehlman, Roy Cohn, FagPatriot, Jeff Gannon/James Dale Guckert, Scott McLellan, Bobby Eberle ... all fits in the description of self-hating gays who are willing to help others to destroy gays and lesbians.

Why Roehmosexuals? Know who Ernst Roehm? He was a gay confidante of Adolf Hitler who supported Hitler in rounding many groups including gays and in the end, Hitler killed Roehm, anyway! The morale of the story is that it does not pay to be greed.

I agreed with CANNONFIRE with the term and its description. Thanks, Cannonfire!

You know, the Republicans wanted nothing more than to control the whole government through manipulation. They are not interested in allowing the Democrats to have its party or even independents. They wanted to control each state government, the whole branches of federal system. Their goal is to instill the judges with Republican backgrounds, Republicans winning every districts across the nation. They will try to outspend, corrupt, manipulate the voters to get what they wanted. They had, did and will continue to smear Democrats on many things.

The Republicans would love to have the complete control of everything without any intrustion by any party -- what does it means to you? Fascism. Just like wht Adolf Hitler did when they manipulated Germany and won the majority then smeared and ostracized the parties to a point where they are all illegal and only one party remained. That is fascism.

At the pace the Republicans are doing to us all, fascism is looming not far behind not in the Middle East but in our backyard.


* * *

On another note, I was stunned to see my name being mentioned by my cousin who is only 13 on his own blog. Apparently, he reads my blog. Good for him. To see that some people will keep their minds open regardless where they are. Mary, you're doing a good job as a mother.


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