Thursday, February 10, 2005

This Is Hysterical

I happened to stumble upon this piece and this was done via e-mail correspondence from the personal ads. How did I get this? Mind your own business, please!

This was done between a single man who wants to play with a big, beautiful woman (BBW).

The logic and desire of straight men intrigued me from time to time.


* * *

Thank you for your deliciously-wonderful imagery.

This is fantastic that we inspire each other to openly and frankly share our desires.

You have motivated me to share more. When I am in the company of a woman who arouses and inspires me, I develop an insatiable appetite, an unquenchable thirst to orally pleasure her, to eat her out, to go down on her. I become addicted to pleasing my companion in this fashion. Please enjoy me in imagining my doing so: my head wedged between your moist, luscious thighs, my face buried in your steaming and quivering crotch, my nose nestled in your sopping forest of pubic hairs, my tongue feverishly darting about your explosive clit until you erupt and convulse with unbridled orgasmic ecstasy not once, not twice, but, thrice. All the while, I glance up to gaze into your eyes and you respond in kind by fixing on mine.

Knowing that you are looking down upon me and observing me eat your scrumptious pussy is for me an indescribable joy (indescribable, and I, please pardon the seeming narcissism, regard myself as having above-standard communicative skills). Once you are spent, I prefer laying in your soppy mound to inhale your distinct aroma. When I withdraw my face for your view, I want you to witness your love juice on my mouth and your pubic hairs trapped between my teeth.

Then we caress and stroke each other, mouth, so that together we may fully experience and share the other.

Thank you for inspiring me to share the foregoing with you. You are a treasure. Some choose to dream. Others, notably us, choose to live. Shall we devise and hatch our plan?

BBWs are exquisite and deserve to be celebrated...the embodiment of feminine sensuality...replete with sex appeal, sass and strength. I'm a SWM who prefers the companionship of a BBW for frolicking, fantastic and fun endeavors. I'm an accomplished gent, resides in Manhattan, knows how to treat a she's extraordinary!

I walk upright and my knuckles don't scrape the floor. Now that you know I'm not monkeying around, please allow me to introduce the gentleman I am. I'm a nimble-minded, able-bodied, goal-oriented, well-established, white-collar professional residing on the UES of Manhattan...Brooks Brothers man by day, superhero by night.

44, single, unattached, no dependents (except for the federal, state, city govt.'s & social security admin.)...Runner, hiker, canoer, swimmer, golfer, dancer, laughter, entrepreneurial optimist, self-starter. Prime of my life. I'm looking forward to our becoming acquainted.

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Slurpingly, Doug

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