Friday, February 18, 2005

Second Star On Right And Straight To Jackson Hole!

Today I turned on PBS and guess who came on? Postcards from Buster. Buster was visiting Jackson Hole! O-boy, you do not know how I feel about Jackson Hole. I quickly was tickled pink. I love this place.

My close friends knew that I have a special place in my heart for Jackson Hole, a town right next to the majestic Grand Teton National Park. It was said that during the Lewis & Clark Expedition, Lewis & Clark sent John Cotler on the South Fork of Missouri River which led into Yellowstone where John saw the "devil's fountain" and Tetons mountains.

John eventually returned to meet Lewis & Clark and described the stuff that he saw, Lewis & Clark thought he was crazy. That "devi's fountain" is now known as the geysers of Yellowstone. Later, when they returned to St. Louis, John Cotler got an urge to return to the Teton Mountains. He did and he was never found again.

I drove to Jackson Hole in '98 and when I set my eyes on Grand Teton for the first time, it simply overwhelmed my senses. I had to park the car and sat on the hood of the car to absorb everything. Grand Teton is simply amazing place to stay. I personally thought Yellowstone was overrated but ... maybe it is because I came to the place about 5 years after the fires?

The town of Jackson is pretty much reserved for rich people. It has Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy -- which contradicts many small towns of less than 10,000 that does not have these stores. I stayed in a hostel and met some cool folks. I spent 5 days instead of two days in Jackson Hole.

When I left Jackson Hole, I felt an emptiness. A void. I finally understood what John Cotler meant by that. He had to return or die trying.

When I flew to Seattle with Toby, in '01, we were leaving Denver en route to Seattle -- somehow, I felt a turbulence on the plane. I turned to look outside of the window. I saw Grand Teton standing proudly as ever. It is as if the spirits acknowledged that I was passing by. I quikcly told Toby about it, Toby rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever!"

It is no secret that someday I want to buy a home in Jackson Hole as 2nd home, of course.

Grand Teton Waiting For Me



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