Monday, February 21, 2005

By X'Hal, What Is Going On?

All day long on Sunday, I was bit in a funky mood. Very difficult to describe the moods I was in. However, my sister quickly IMmed me to tell me to turn on to watch The Simpsons which I was already on it.

The Simpson had a gay theme on it -- this time, it is about gay marriage in Homer's Garage. Guess who is a cuntlicker? Marge's older twin sister. Homer seemed to be cool about it, but Marge had a hard time dealing with it. But in the end, you know how it ends. Always with a good note.

Then it was time for Desperate Housewives. Another gay theme! This time, with a delicious twist that made me feel afraid for these two kids. You see, Gabrielle Solis had a brief fling with a houseboy (whose in real life is gay, how ironic!). Somehow, the houseboy told his best friend about it. His best friend started to bother Gabrielle Solis about having sex. After Gabrielle blasted him to smithereens for pushing the button -- he caved in and said that he needed to try with a woman because he thinks he is gay. And he does not want a girl in his school because everyone will know. Gabrielle had this attitude that says, "Deal with this, wuss."

When Gabrielle made out with this kid then asked him if he feels anything, he shook his head. "Then you are definitely gay." She walked out of the bedroom.

Few hours later, the character by Tori Hatcher saw two persons in the pool which she thought was her daughter with someone else so both persons were holding their breath under the water. Tori refused to leave. Both came out -- this time, it's not her daughter. It is that gay character with Bree's son.

Drama! I got the feeling that it will end with a suicide for one of these boys. Because the suburban wives are either "cold", "tough" and "panicky". Bree's son already had a tumultuous relationship with Bree. I think they made a cute couple.

One can hope.

Then it was time for Boston Legal. You gotta love the idea that William Shatner's character, Denny Crane's son is Donny Crane acted by the irresistible hunk, Freddie Prinze Jr. Both has ego. When Denny demanded his son to utter "Denny Crane". His son said, 'Donny Crane'. Denny has a thing with hearing his own name. It gives him orgasms.

For some reasons, Denny and Donny did not get along very well, I wonder if it's about gay issue? No idea. Perhaps another time.

But last night, there were bit too many shows on gays. What gives?


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