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Another Conservative Republican Molested Boys

First Congressman Don Sherwood (R-PA) who cheated on his wife with 29 years old woman in DC and nearly choked her in the process. Claimed that he never talked about his private life to anyone else and that nobody has the right to talk about his. But he was the one who voted to endorse the gay marriage ban amendment -- which means he is interested in MY private life. How is it OK for him to talk about mine, but not OK for us to talk about his? Don also voted to endorse the idea of putting the Ten Commandments in schools right after the Columbine HIgh School shootings, there is a rule within the Tem Commandments: Adultery is one of 'em.

And with this one in Spokane, Washington -- will I be surprised to have more and more Conservatives and REpublicans busted for cheating, lying, and so on in the next 5 years? No, I won't be. Because we will be keeping an eye on their behavior -- when they stumbled upon a rock, we expose them to the world.

This particular Roehmosexual, Mayor James West of Spokane, once served in the state legislature in Olympia. He, in fact, voted to bar the state from distributing pamphelts that addressed the safe sex -- claimed that such things belonged to "dirty bookstores" in 1986!

After reviewing all stuff on -- they have the juicy stuff -- check it out -- and I'm bit full with the juicy stories about James -- that guy is classic Roehmosexual!

For your entertainment purposes, I copied and pasted the profile from this man's account right after you finished reading the article.


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Wash. Mayor Denies Molesting Boys in '70s

.c The Associated Press

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - Two men have accused Mayor James E. West of molesting them when they were boys and he was a sheriff's deputy and Boy Scout leader, The Spokesman-Review reported Thursday.

West, 54, a conservative Republican leader of the state Senate before he was elected mayor in 2003, denied ever having had sex with children.

But he confirmed that he offered gifts, favors and a City Hall internship over the Web site to someone he believed was 18 but who was actually a forensic computer expert working for the newspaper.

West was in a meeting with city officials Thursday morning, his office told The Associated Press. His spokeswoman, Marlene Feist, said he hadn't decided whether to make a public comment.

West, who as an elected official has opposed gay rights, abortion rights and teenage sex, said he had had online relationships in the past year through and considered them private.

"My private life is my private life and always has been," he said. Concerning his sexual orientation, "I wouldn't characterize me as 'gay,'" West said. West was married for about five years in the 1990s.

The child molestation accusations against West, dating from his years as a sheriff's deputy, were made in a deposition for a lawsuit against Spokane County by Robert J. Galliher, 36, of Seattle.

That lawsuit sought damages for Galliher, his older brother Brett and two other men, who claim they were molested by another deputy at the time, David Hahn. Hahn committed suicide in 1981.

A second man, Michael G. Grant Jr., 31, made similar allegations against West in an interview, the newspaper said.

In an interview Wednesday night with the newspaper, West said both accounts were "flat lies."

"I didn't abuse them. I don't know these people. I didn't abuse anybody, and I didn't have sex with anybody under 18, ever, woman or man," West told the newspaper.

In interviews with the newspaper, Galliher and Grant said they were introduced to West by Hahn in the late 1970s or early '80s, when the two deputies were leaders of Boy Scout Troop 345.

Galliher said he was molested at least four times by West, twice while West was on duty in uniform. Grant, in jail on a drug conviction, said he was sexually abused twice by West. Grant said West told him that "if I was to tell anybody, that he would kill my mom ... that she would not exist no more."

West was not named as a defendant in Galliher's suit and said he was unaware of the deposition.

He did discuss using the Web site

"I can't tell you why I go there, to tell you the truth ... curiosity, confused, whatever, I don't know," West said.

The newspaper hired a former U.S. Customs Service agent who had helped law enforcement identify pedophiles online. The former agent confirmed that West was the man behind online identities "Cobra82nd" and "RightBi-Guy," the newspaper said.

West denied that his offers to the forensic expert posing as an 18-year-old male constituted "enticements to teenagers" or abuse of his public office.

"Any kid in this town who walked into my office and filled out an application and could come to work, dressed properly and clean, could be an intern in my office," the mayor said.

West spent two decades in the Legislature and was well-regarded for his political skills but abrasive in style. He made headlines in 1990 when he proposed marriage from the floor of the Senate to Ginger Marshall while she was visiting the Capitol. Their marriage ended five years later.

Steve Smith, editor of The Spokesman-Review, told The Associated Press on Thursday the newspaper was reluctant to hire the computer expert, but felt it was necessary because of West's apparent abuse of office and ongoing potential for harm to young people. The expert brought knowledge of tracking IP addresses and identities of chat room participants that the newsroom lacked, he said.

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This is what was featured on his profile on with "Cobra82nd", enjoy!

Location: near downtown Spokane
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White/European
Sexuality: Bisexual
I'm looking for: Men
Interested in:
Friendship, Conversation, Roommate, Travel companion
I am a really typical str8 acting/looking guy that just happens to be attracted to the same.

How "Out" are you? Not out at all yet
Best attribute: Intelligence, Heart, Personality
Mannerisms: Masculine/Butch
Relationship status: Single

Politics: Lean right
Smoke: No
Alcohol: Social drinker
Drugs: Don't use drugs
Build: Average
Tattoos: None
Piercings: No

Activities: Books/Reading, Camping/Outdoors, Travel
Entertainment: Movies/Film, Gambling, T.V./Videos/DVDs, Theater arts
Health, sports, and fitness: Biking, Billiards/Pool, Golf, Sailing/Boating, Scuba diving
Scene: Conservative, Military, Outdoorsy, Suburban

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