Tuesday, May 03, 2005

This Is Familiar ... !

In the Gay Community, if you are ugly, you are fucked. You are doomed. DowntownLad or Manny will NOT want you, period. The only option is to lie through an Internet chat room that you're VGL and wears Abercrappie & Bitch clothes (Manny told me that AF stands for Another Fag -- good one, Manny!) -- you might have a chance at scoring one "good-looking guy" if possible.

Apparently, it is no different in heterosexual communities! The New York Times reported that ugly children are often ignored than the attractive ones -- in fact, it mentioned that the ugly children are more likely not to be strapped with the seat belt by their parents than the pretty ones!

Hey, it is American -- beautiful ones alway wins! Ugly ones, well ... try your best to get rid of 'em ... in a discrete manner. Look at the magazines, television shows -- ever seen an ugly fucker? You do not.

Hell, DowntownLad is not even ugly and I am.


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