Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Real Reason Why The Catholic Priests Try To Be Celibate

Patrick Prescott probably will decry this as untrue. But I believed it.

According to Larry Gonick, he mentioned that in 1070, Pope Gregory VI ordered that all priests must be celibate -- all of their wives, girlfriends and significant others -- be severed immediately.

Why? The Catholic Church claimed that it is set a "higher" example of "self-control, self-denial, even self-mortification".

The truth is that the Pope does not like the idea that his priest who is married tends to leave his parish to the next son, not to the Church -- the Catholic Church wanted the total control of the property.

Simply as that.

I say, go back to 1070 and rescind the ban on the priests' rights to marry.

It is not "holy" as many would like it to think.


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