Monday, May 02, 2005

Plans To Set Up A BnB Inn

Since I'm in Norristown, a suburb of Philadlephia. I had been able to collect information about how to operate a bed and breakfast inn. So far, it is interesting -- I'd like to set up one in Center City or in New Hope mainly because of its centralized location between the District of Columbia and Boston.

My visualization is to have a house with 10 bedrooms of different sizes with a nice-sized kitchen, dining room, living room, den room, bar room, and small office. It'd be nice to have a barn or a house right across from the main house if possible -- if there is a chance, it is to convert it into extra bedrooms for the long-term goals.

I'd like to be surrounded by the local mountains, brook or a creek but it is not required, though. But having a jacuzzi is a must, it is not going to make a bed and breakfast inn cozy without the presence of jacuzzi. If it is not in Center City, I'd like to get a swimming pool at a later date.

That is the goal.

OH, yeah, I'd hire Gus, Jason and Beth to run the facility. I'll hire a part-time hearing person to handle the calls. But s/he will *never* be promoted to run the facility. NO hearing person is allowed to run the facility -- I god damn forbit it.

Do you understand me?


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