Sunday, May 01, 2005

Give A Round of Applause to Averett University

A sleepy town of 47,000 sitting by Dan River just few miles north of North Carolina's state line. That town is none other than Danville. I had been to Danville three times in my lifetime -- no interstate highways can be found there. It used to be a major textile industry in the state but as of now, it is just sleepy town.

It also has a small university called "Averett University", it was operated as a christian university with financial ties to the Baptist General Association of Virginia. For years, the BGAV has been threatening to withhold the funds because the students attempted to set up the gay-straight alliance organization at Averett University.

Averett University had enough of its threats and decided to severe the ties with the BGAV and operate on its own as an independent christian flagship university. Averett will decide for themselves. But not with any Xian's threats.

Good for 'em!


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