Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bombarded Him To His Death ... ?

Boynton Beach, Florida -- It was reported to me that a certain deaf elderly person died of heart attack a day after sustaining the barrage of offensive insults, slurs and demeaning comments during the committee meeting to finalize the plans to have the bowling tournament for the Deaf in West Palm Beach, Florida recently during the Easter weekend.

It was said that this particular person who died was not profilic in ASL, not familiar with Deaf Culture and was not exactly smart to begin with. But that did not stop Elmer from putting on an offensive campaign to demoralize his ASL and intelligence skills as well as crushed his self-esteem. Elmer ultimately punctured this misfortune person's heart to a point where this person died of heart attack the next day.

The rumors, of course, went as far as Seattle, Boston and to Los Angeles and came back with the question: Did Elmer cause him to have an untimely heart attack in the process? It was said among the Deaf elders that they considered Elmer to be the "murderer with words". This particular person, Elmer, has a reputation of being abrasive and mean at times.

Any thoughts on this subject?


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