Monday, May 02, 2005


This is sickening but not surprising.

At least, I am being honest about my sexuality and my sex life. I do not hide the fact that I fucked this, that and over there.

I am not hypocritical. Let me correct this -- I try not to be hypocritical. But THEY do is always appalling -- when I say "THEY" -- I meant these dirty Republicans, these filthy Conservatives and the nutty X-ians.

Republican Congressman Don Sherwood is 64 years old. He voted for the constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of marriage. He felt that gays will ruin it. Better for his kind to ruin it first.

Don Sherwood (R-PA) is 64 years old. He is married for 33 years and cheated as well. What in the world was he doing with 29 years old woman in his apartment, trying to give a backrub? Please.

It is not political smear. It is an opportunity to expose the dark secrets of Republicans who liked to cheat and pass out the STDs on each other and blame on the minorities for doing the same thing that they did!

When Don Sherwood claimed that he does not talk about people's private lives, people should do the same for him. That is bullshit. He voted for the constitutional amendment which means he is snooping in gays' lives whether if they wanted to get married or not. He whined that we are living our lives, he wanted to make rules to force us to adhere to his lifestyle.

That is the whole point -- he snooped, we snooped back in force.

I fuck and I talk about it in very honest manner, can they do the same? Somebody give me the whiffle bat so that I can whack on the old geezer for preying on younger women.


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