Tuesday, January 04, 2005

X-ians Do Not Practice What They Preach

Falwell probably ministered the X-ians to donate $ for the tsunami relief efforts ... to his church where he will mismanage the $$ to enrich himself. Like many X-ian ministers & pastors.

It was reported that Sandra Bullock donated $1 million and Leonardo DiCaprio donated a large sum of money to the UNICEF with a specifc request -- that his money goes to the area where he acted in "The Beach".

I wondered if any prominent X-ian nuts and the conservatives make an effort to do something?

And to read Fred Phelps' crusade against gays, I am wondering about the big-time pastors and ministers' lackadaisal efforts to silence Fred ... apparently, they do not.

It is funny ... people love to be quick and accuse me and others of being hypocrites, but when one pointed their finger, their three fingers pointed back at them. Well, where is their W.W.J.D.? Of course, it is not What Would Jesus Do? It is more of "What Would Jenna Drink?"

What was Bush's first reaction about the Tsunami? Thanks, BartCop!


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