Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Dangers of Truth or Dare?

See the picture? These are my wild friends from college, they are all from Arkansas, Norway, The Netherlands, Canada, Arizona and Virginia.

One day, we were very bored at Gallaudet and wanted to get out and mellow at some coffeehouse. We decided to head down to DuPont Circle to loiter at Soho Coffee & Tea. At this particular table, one thing led to the other, most of us laughed and cracked a lot of funny stories.

Suddenly, Spillers challenged us to play the truth or dare. We took it. Big mistake.

It became a huge show at Soho to a point where other tables around us were staring at us in anticipation of what we plan to do.

Spillers dared me to kiss a cute guy that he liked who was sitting at another table (in fact, it was he who took the picture of this). And I won the dare. I dared Roz to play the lame game that many of you did as a kid with paper, u know, with the numbers and the secrets behind the numbers -- I dared her to join the group of hearing gay men and play with them for few minutes. She did.

Then Berna did the worst thing -- Berna dared Rob over something which Rob enthusiastically accepted the challenge ... and he walked to the corner of the P Street and 23 Street NW as I turned to see lots of hearing patrons standing on chairs, trying to see what Rob is up to.

Rob hailed down a cab, and got in the right side of the cab and hopped out of the cab on the left side of the cab then walked back to Soho, leaving the cab driver screaming obscenities at him. Soho patrons were in awe of Rob as my friends cheered him on.

That's my pals from college.


I guess I am bitter and angry person like others claimed me to be. Oy vey.

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