Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bush Is Overrated -- So Is Cheney!

Bush is funny man. Each time he bellows his comments, he often made me smile, snicker or roll my eyes.

During his 17-minute inaugural speech, he bellowed "freedom" 27 times and "liberty" 15 times. What a true American Patriot.

But a certain commentator named Calvin pointed the irony which I agreed completely with him:

"The more disturbing part to me at least was rambling on about liberty and freedom in the middle of a 100 square block security bubble, complete with snipers, anti-aircraft batteries, thousands of police and military. Forget irony, has this country lost it's collective fucking mind? The emperor not only has no clothes he is performing some sort of perverted act live on stage and everyone keeps saying how nice it all is."

And it is amusing that the Bush Administration spent millions of dollars to "fortize" the District of Columbia during the Inauguration Day and yet, even with millions of dollars and technological advances cannot stop a simple assault on Cheney's limousine.

Says a lot about our national security, really.


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