Monday, January 10, 2005

Southern Baptists, Virginians and South Dakotans Are Nuts

How can one be excited with 150,000 deaths in tsunami-related countries? Only X-ians would.

Read this quote:

In Andhra Pradesh, India, a plan is developing to build "Christian communities" to replace destroyed seashore villages. In a dispatch that the evangelical group Focus on the Family posted on its Web site, James Rebbavarapu of India Christian Ministries said a team of U.S. engineers had agreed to help design villages of up to 400 homes each, "with a church building in the center of them."

Isn't this sick? Of course, I always knew all along that the X-ians look at this as opportunity to convert and pressure people of all faiths that Christianity is the way to go. They will do anything to prove that Tsunami was an act by God to show his Love for the deaths of 150,000 and the opportunity to sow the discord by converting the masses into christianity.

When we pledged the aid to help out with the masses, it is to prevent diseases from going amok, to prevent more deaths, to rebuild their lives -- why did the X-ians has to meddle with its faith in this aid?

Why do you think the Muslims hated the X-ians so much? Because the X-ians always said that they are right, and everyone else is wrong.

Shame on filthy X-ians.

If you miscarriage in Virgina and did not notify the cops within 12 hours, you will be jailed for a year and fined $2,500 for "failure to report a fetal death". That shall happen when HB1677 becomes the law in Virginia. Only the X-ians would think that this is sensible law.

And to my dear Rayni, what's up with the nuts running amok in South Dakota? You must be proud of your adopted state! Will the CSD support this amendment to discriminate against us? If so, we should organize the nationwide boycott of CSD to destroy its empire because of its lackadaisal response to the homophobic amendment.

UPDATE: One commentator mentioned on another blog that if a hurricane hits a village in Florida, let's get Hindu missionary to convert the village in Florida! That is how it should run like that.



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