Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Again, Deaflympics Tidbits

This will continue until January 16, 2005. So I occasionally will mention about Deaflympics and its events. So some of you who are not interested in sports, there are always other entries to read, right?

Men's Hammer Throw:
A friend of mine, Ryan Kelly of Wisconsin won the Silver Medal. Congratulations!! Ryan, you deserved this! You worked hard for the opportunity and I'm happy for you!

Ryan Kelly in Action

Men's Basketball: USA routed Turkey, 116-50. Next!

Women's Soccer: USA continued its hot streak as it routed Australia, 6-0.

Women's Volleyball: Since they lost to Japan, 3-1 -- they are playing for Bronze Medal sooner or later.

To Katie Prins: Just a friendly correction -- there is no country named Taipei. Taipei is the Capital City of Taiwan! And another correction -- you boasted that USA Men's Basketball team never lost in Deaflympics. That is not true. They lost the first game in 1940s or so when it was first played, but from there -- the USA Men's Basketball team hadn't lose a game in years. As for USA Women's Basketball team, they are undefeated in Deaflympics since its first game.

To McCock: Wahhhh! The rule is that the players has to be 55-decibels or above in order to participate in the Deaflympics competition -- don't like it? Go and watch the Olympics. Nobody wanted to hear your cries about the IDC's rules.

Donalda Ammons is now the President of CISS

Donald Tropp

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