Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Virginia Is For Haters

I'm from Virginia. I'm not proud of it. Virginia was the state that actively prosecuted the interracial relationships until the Supreme Court took the case called Loving versus Virginia. It nixed the state law that outlawed the interracial relationships. And today, Virginians do not learn a lesson or two from this particular activity as they continued to ban the gay marriage as well as some provisions not to recognize the civil unions, parental rights and so on.

Is this what we wanted in a concept of "family values"? Apparently, it is in Virginia. Not only that, they also wanted to legislate the bill that will propel the license plates to have the gold ring on a red heart as a symbol of its "traditional marriage" ... sort of to identify themselves that they are for traditional marriage. In other words, it is a way to heckle at people who are not allowed to marry whoever they wanted.

Shame on Virginia -- yes, I will travel to visit the family. But that is it. I will not shop a thing from that state. Too fucking bad.

I think Deaf gay people in the District should do the same. Don't shop at Pentagon City Mall, don't shop at Tyson Corner. Don't dine in the area. Let's punish the conservative state for their homophobic beliefs. Oh, yeah, firebomb some churches as well, will you? ;-)


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