Tuesday, January 18, 2005

One Negative In Melbourne

I was alarmed to learn that the night before the Closing Ceremony, Deaf South Koreans were attacked by hearing men right outside of the hotel after the Deaf folks refused to give the money when the hearing men demanded them to.

The hearing guys retaliated and bashed one elderly Deaf man who was sent to the hospital after sustained a bleeding within his brain. The incident ended up in a brawl between 15 to 20 Deaf guys versus 4 hearing guys.

What the fuck is "bucks" in Australia term? Anyone else? There is a nice editorial by the paper condemning the acts of hearing fools.

But coming from hearing men who prey on Deaf people on almost everything, I ain't surprised about what happened. It is common that hearing men targeted Deaf people because they perceived us to be easy, passive or unassertive. But I congratulate South Koreans for pushing 'em back. Fuck 'em. Stoopid hearies, always find a way to ruin our solidarity.


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