Sunday, January 02, 2005

Where Are You?

Remember I complained about the X-ians and conservatives' behavior towards the different groups that won't conform to their beliefs -- they often attacked us while the "tolerant" conservatives and X-ians stood idle and did nothing.

Later, I branded them altogether as a scum, dirty, filthy group -- I killed two birds with one gunshot. Some X-ians and conservatives whined that I was not fair.

Well, Fred Phelps, the Pastor of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas -- the same person who designed and celebrated the death of Matthew Shepard -- Fred is an evangelical Baptist who barked against the gays relentlessly.

Maybe Fred had a bad experience at a local adult bookstore in Topeka where a cute boi rejected him of his looks. Maybe that is what makes him mad and target us from day one. When Fred issued a press statement attacking, ridiculing and bashing on gay people, what did Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Pope John Paul II and many others did?

They did nothing. They muted. They allowed Fred Phelps to clamor his hatred. They allowed him to travel to the places to mock at people.

Where were the X-ians and conservatives' compassion in stopping him? Why must it be us and the Liberals to stand up and fight them while the conservatives and X-ians stood idle and probably winked and cheered at Fred for doing this.

This week, Fred issued a press statement praising God for killing 2,000 Swedes in Tsunami-stricken areas because they encourage "sodomy" in Sweden.

Where are you, the stupid X-ian pricks? Why are you being so quiet and not doing something about it? So typical of you -- why do you think I decided to brand you in that manner? You are all the same, X-ians and conservatives.


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