Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Vicious Cycle

I was outside watching people digging the snow. I find it very amusing. I'm thankful I do not own a car in Manhattan. It is vicious cycle!!

When the snowplow trucks plowed the excessive snow on the roads onto the cars that parked by the sidewalk, the excessive snow partially buried the cars. That is not even all.

Then the folks digged the snow off the sidewalk, and dumped the snow on the cars.

Then folks needed to use the cars, so they dig the snow OFF their cars back on the road and on the sidwalk ...

Such a vicious cycle.

Sometimes I wish we could have some kind of heated sidewalk but again, that would be too vicious cycle because during the night time, it will freeze and people will fall and knock themselves out in the process. Such is a life in the Wintry Wonderland.



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