Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What Happened In Melbourne?

With Ronda Jo Miller, Jenny Cooper, Stacy Nowak, Laurie Anderson, Krystle Berrigan, Priscilla Biskupiak, Dyan Kovacs and Pia Marie Paulone, one would expect the USA Women's Volleyball team to dominate the sport in Deaflympics this year.

After leading 2-0 versus Japan four years ago in Rome, Japan went on a frantic run to shock the USA gals and won the gold medal. This time, I expected the powerful but angry team to dominate the sport completely.

Well, Japan handed USA a loss, 3-1.

What gives? I have a theory but with Rayni reading this as a Hooter, this may be not the grandest idea to spew a conspiracy theory. ;-)

And what baffled me the most is ... Valerie Trofimenkoff. She is on the roster for USA, despite the fact that she is from Mississiauga, Ontario -- last time I checked the map, Ontario is in Canada.

Inquiring mind(s) wants to know.

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