Thursday, January 13, 2005

Big Balls Are Fun To Play With

When I was in the District, I had a lot of friends to talk with. I did not really get to observe the way people do, the way they dealt things in their lives, the way they interact ... but when I moved to New York, I do not have many friends in the city.

I know it takes time and effort to find true friends in a new place. I have no qualms about that. It is true that I have many female friends in this town, but I don't have enough male friends. It sucks, sometimes. But it gives me the opportunity to observe a lot of people at their best.

Riding the subway trains are excellent places to observe. I noticed something interesting. I noticed that the orthodox Jews and conservative Jews (you can identify the conservative Jews by seeing them wearing yarmulkes) tend to have big basket. It's like having two baseball balls in it. Yes, I was being stereotypical.

Later, I met some nice guys who eventually mentioned that they are Jews. I discretely noticed the same thing. Big balls.

I mentioned to my friend, Mikey about it. He snickered and said, "Stop it! You're ridiculous!" He said that he does not think so. Later, we went to a place far away and told him to check some guys out, he started to notice it. Then he discretely pointed at someone else, "He has big balls, but he is not Jewish."

I looked at him, he was wearing the winter cap. But shortly, that guy took his winter cap, he has a yarmulke. He was flabbergasted and I snickered.

Later, I played with a liberal orthodox Jew from Jerusalem who remained to be the best experiences I ever had with men. True enough, he has big balls. He even said that it bothered him sometimes.

I love 'em. They're cute and fun to look at. I know I will be in Heaven when I arrive in Tel Aviv. *sigh*


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