Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bizarre Stuff

I was reading an article on, Matt Leinart mentioned that he got $950 stipend per month at Southern Cal. $950 just to practice and play football? I remembered a friend of mine who had a wrestling scholarship at a prominent Big 10 school, he said he got a monthly stipend, scholarship for tutition and room & board and in addition to free shoes, uniforms, practice clothes and so on.

That makes me think a little. Our use of SSI is justified, in some ways. That is, for college students. It is much better than to do the dishwashing at some McDonalds, really.

Speaking of Southern Cal, I once visited Southern Cal to check out its film school for graduate study. It is located in a shabby area near Downtown Los Angeles. When I entered the campus, I noticed something striking similar between Gallaudet and Southern Cal. Both has a fence around its campus, to imprison us (or as the administration would say, "to protect us") from the outside. I thought it was interesting, though.

I also scourged some interesting information -- in Melbourne, Australia during the Men's Basketball semi-final game between USA and Australia, USA romped past Australia, 131-78. The large margin was unnecessary, to be honest with you. And Jamal Bradley had 68 points for USA. What are they trying to improve? The walls around the gymnasium? Not only that, all games except for Lithuania were NOT even close, why 50 to 60-points blowouts? Australia is the host, where is the respect to minimize the blowout? Pathetic score and Carl, you can tell that to David Hamilton!

UPDATE!! One basketball loyalist paged me to inform me that Jamal Bradley did not score 68, the scorebook was incorrect. Perhaps, in time, I shall find out what's going on. UPDATE!! A reliable source pinged me: he did indeed score 68. Ah, the drama that is sports!

In addition to new information that I thought was very strange and bizarre but at least, it proved something dramatic.

Read this:

"In the third period, everything seemed to take a turn. The referees called on a Slovakia player traveling the ball, and their team insulted one of the referees. She threw two Slovakian players out of the game for disorderly conduct and one tried to get back into the game but she banned him again. Right after the referee threw the players out, a spectator passed out in the stands and had to be escorted away. Some USA players got slightly injured and Robert Haney bumped heads with a Slovenia player, causing the other player's nose to bleed. The game got held up numerous times because of those incidents, plus countless fouls on top of it."

Definitely odd thing.

Now on other thing, I was browsing through the pictures and I was surprised to see Anbo in one of these pictures! That boy needs to get a life of his own! How can he go to Melbourne?! I heard that he totally drained his parents' finances out to meet his demands to a point where his parents are truly broke. Anbo, get a fucking job and stop living off your parents' incomes, you little irresponsible prick!


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