Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bush & India & Phelps

After the lazy 72-hours on Bush's part, people across the world looked down at the United States for being stingy and lackadaisal response.

Even when the Tsunami occurred, NY POST did not make it a front page. Its front page featured the damaged SuperModel who weathered through the Tsunami and came out alive with broken pelvis. The Czech Model got the whole attention while millions of people were largely ignored last week on Monday.

It seemed to me that Bush responded better when he is pushed into a corner or bit of flabbergasted when people pinned him down. I thought it was outstanding for him to bring in two former Presidents to lead the relief fundraising efforts for Tsunami victims. It is bit hypocrite of Bush to do that a week after his Administration attacked Bill Clinton for voicing his opinions and suddenly, brought him on the board to help out with the relief efforts. Either way, it is good for us and the world -- as well as for some people like McCock.

Some people were appalled and upset with India when it declined the relief efforts for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It declined for a good reason. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to several endangered tribes that do not have the contacts with the civilized world. It is better to leave them alone to sustain itself in the process.

The folks in India said that the tribes probably have a better relationship with mother nature to a point where they can read the animals' behaviors very well and fled to the high grounds when the tsunami rolled by the islands. The Indian Government said that they sent the relief helicopter to drop the food/medicines if necessary to the islands only to be confronted with bows and arrows from the islands.

Apparently, the Indian Government was doing it in the best interests for the tribes and for the lives of people who is working with the relief efforts. In all, I "giveittoyou" India for its sensible decision.

ASL TERM: To understand what "giveittoyou" means in ASL translation, use "x" in fingerspelling then put "x" on your chest to the direction of the person you aim to.

There it goes again! Pastor Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church issued a statement thanking God for 3,000 Dead Americans in the tsunami-stricken countries. As one commentator named Richard J. Palmer eloquently mentioned, "
This man is evil incarnate and should have been certified years ago. However, he does represent a huge section of American society, some shocked by his outspokenness, others disgusted by his statements, and a lot of others silently applauding him because the Bible for them says that he is right..ergo, a hero."

Care to defend yourself on this subject, Jeff?


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