Sunday, January 30, 2005

Gossip Breeds Reaction

Last night in East Village, Eddie and I arranged to meet at The Cock. It is my first time to be at The Cock in weeks and I hadn't seen Eddie in months. So we had a lengthy conversation to catch up.

You know, typical deaf gossips and all that.

Eddie is about 6'1 tall and very thin like a pencil. When the bar closed at 4 AM, we chatted on the way to the subway station. Eddie pleaded, "Since you went to DC last October, tell me what's happening in DC??"

I yapped on few superficial things to mention -- then I said, "You know Rico?"

Eddie nodded, "That guy from The Netherlands?"

I nodded, "He has a new boyfriend."

Eddie snickered as we walked across the street, "Who?"

I grinned, "Are you sure you want to know?" Eddie slapped my back so hard that I leaped ahead of him and said, "Ben Lewis."

Still in the middle of the intersection, Eddie lost his balance and crashed on the road. Then got up quickly -- "Are you fucking serious?"


Eddie roared with laughter.

I love this stuff -- people's reactions to things. It is hilarious. It is addictive.


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