Saturday, January 22, 2005

Stuff Tidbits

Fear & Paranoia Breeds Hate: Whose fault was it? When the left-wingers, Liberals and Democrats started to berate the Republicans, conservatives and X-ians in public places such as the ones in DC where there were some people throwing eggs at guests walking into an inaugural ball, and one guy knocked a gal down after lambasting her of supporting a fascist government.

FagPatriot complained that they are horrible. Actually, he got it all wrong. Guess what bred the anger? Paranoia. Fear. Insanity. By who? The Republicans, conservatives and X-ians who kept on harping and spewing many hateful, fearful, ignorant messages and kept on bashing on innocent people. Colloborated with corporations to wage the power over the regular citizens. Manipulated the false information about gay marriage, gay rights, terrorism to drum up the fear and resentment among the people.

The conservatives, Republicans and X-ians knew they *cannot* win the election without creating a lot of misconceptions, divisions and false messages to scare, resent and subjugated the population.

When the people got cheated, they became mad. They expressed different kinds of anger. And suddenly, the wacky conservatives, Republican dumbfucks and demonic X-ians are complaining that we are full of ignorance and hate? Honey, what you sow, you reap the harvest. You harvested the Hate and Ignorance back at you, FagPatriot.

Once in the past, I read a comic book where a villain captured a team (Excalibur, a spinoff team of X-Men for the British Isles) and imprisoned the team in the maze. Then a villain stood at the controls of his personal maze and complained to his personal servant, "This is so boring. I want something exciting."

Suddenly, a mutant girl named Kitty Pryde phased through the wall and said, "You started this because you wanted to have fun with this --"

Kitty Pryde then grabbed the villain and pulled him into the maze, "-- you shall play with us in the maze as well!"

In the maze, Kitty Pryde dumped the villain to defend himself before the sadistic killers that lurked inside the maze. Same concept with the Republicans, conservatives and X-ians -- they chose to play fire with fire, and we shall not extinguish but to make sure that YOU ARE IN IT WITH US!

FagPatriot, I pray to The Fates that one day, someone will whack you out of anger to make you see things -- but again, you will discern the facts to marginalize others as well.

Abraham Lincoln Would ...: It is no secret that Abraham Lincoln was Republican. And gay. If Abraham Lincoln somehow shows up in our century, it is likely that Abraham would be horrified with the Republicans' antics to a point where he would denounce his party affilitation. His beliefs are not in the same wavelength with the Republicans and conservatives by any means.

Kurzetard: You once mentioned that you had a mild brain damage from the carbon monoxide poisoning, perhaps that is the intelligence and emotional part of your brain damage. Common sense dictated that if I live near the railroad tracks, I will *never* take a field trip with my students to my place! Why? To reduce the risks. Teenagers are unpredictable and full of curiosities -- but you cannot say that he is 15 years old! Your brother-in-law is responsible for the safety of field trip, and he botched it by allowing a kid to be killed. Therefore, stop blaming others for your family's fucked-up common sense.

One gal cracked a funny line about how often she noticed that people always approached you and assumed you to be Emily and discovered that you're not her. Perhaps, she mentioned that, it is because Emily is well-liked and you do not have friends.

Of course, I am doing the classic crab's thery on you, my dear Kurzetard -- I did this to give you your own medicine -- you badmouth others, I badmouth you. I would not have started this at all unless you did stupid things to others. And you did.

Jaime Lugo, Where Are You? Few weeks ago, I saw the guy who looked like Jaime, my pledge brother from Corpus Christi, Texas. He was so funny and mysterious. Where the heck is he? He once told me one bizarre story that today, I still wondered about it. He said, "Listen, remember this particular date (I forgot the date) and it happened in Downtown Corpus Christi and something happened and today, people still do not know why it happened but I caused it." Of course, I was curious and pleaded, pressured and persisted him to tell me -- he never did.

Today, I still wonder if he was pulling my leg or what?

Small Gathering: The gathering was simple and wonderful to catch up old tidbits with friends. You know how it goes with stuff when it comes to gatherings, really.

Funny quote: "Who cares about me? I am history! I am mythology! I don't care what I am! I'm free!" Genie babbling to Aladdin and others when he left the kingdom after Aladdin freed him of his prison. Sounds like me, eh?


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