Friday, January 14, 2005

Deaflympics, Deaflympics, Deaflympics ...

Handball:Whoa! For the first time in ages, the USA gets a chance to win the Gold Medal in Handball. Handball is very popular sport in Europe and the USA, for a while, had struggled to win something in that sport. Apparently, the country of Australia has been good to US Handball team as they shocked Germany 24-22 to enter the Gold Medal game versus Croatia.

Women's Volleyball: USA won the Bronze Medal after beating Italy 3-0.

Women's Soccer: USA 3, Great Britain 0

Here are some fierce pictures of US-Germany in action.

Ty Kovacs (He gained a lot, did he?!) and Jesse Woosley

German Attacks In Midst of Joey Kolcun, Kelvin Etkie and Donald Tropp

Stefan Bergan The Persistent

After the scuffle with the Germans, Stefan Still Attacks

Yes! We Are In!

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