Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Drama at Taco Bell

After work today, it was starting to snow as I took the subway train home. I walked by Taco Bell, I thought of grabbing some Supreme Tacos so that I can have a diarrhea to send over to McCock or Bush to express my feelings.

The truth is that I like to eat Taco Bell sometimes but the pain in the ass is that it often made me shit so fast and sloppy. So I went ahead and walked in. There was many people waiting for their orders. I stood behind a Russian and waited patiently for the food to be ready to be taken out. My patience turns to impatience after 10 minutes of waiting.

The Russian was about a foot taller than I am, he bended down to kiss his kid which I smiled -- suddenly, I was startled by the Russian's sudden change as he slammed his hand on the counter and screamed at the top of his lungs at the Taco Bell workers.

I was right next to him as he kept on slamming his hands on the counter then used his left hand to flip the cash machine around -- then he tossed it towards the area where the food are being made but the wiring just pulled the cash machine back to the counter as it rattled on the counter.

I stepped back and stared in horror as the Russian kept on yelling the workers to do something. Slammed his hands on the counter and tossed the bowl of straws onto the floor and the manager of Taco Bell tried to callm him down but he was having none of it -- finally, my food came and I fled the scene.


Sometimes I hate being me because I seemed to be in the places that the drama ensued. it is getting tiresome.

But it was interesting.

It is interesting to note that Wal-Mart pays its employees very low and less hours, so that they had to apply for Medicaid (one of their strategies are to avoid the full-time job position to avoid providing the health insurance) and Medicare. Wal-Mart is so greed that it won't pay more than the 5.25 to the workers but are hosting a lavish party for the Repbublicans in the District.

Americans, that is Corporate America for you -- where Bush are all for it and you fell for it. Wal-Mart do NOT care about your welfare beings, they care about power, prestige and profits. 3 Ps.

McCock, write your own entry about something else. Babbling about me and my opinions make you unattractive. I can make fun of anyone else I wanted to -- there is nothing you can do about it. Good luck with your dying blog.


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