Monday, January 31, 2005

A Scandal At Virginia Military Institute

A new scandal emerged out of heavily conservative-backed school in Lexington, Virginia -- the home of Virginia Military Institute (VMI) as well as Washington and Lee University (WLU).

VMI touched bit closer to my heart, mainly because it is 30 miles south of my alma mater in Shenandoah Valley. VMI used to be male-only cadet school and its horny men often flocked to Staunton, seeking the availability of women at Mary Baldwin, the privately-owned college for women. Mary Baldwin is a stone throw from my alma mater and I kid you not. Before you scream that MBC is women-only school and VMI was forced to integrate and that was not fair -- well VMI was state-owned, MBC is not. That is mainly why the VMI had to let women in and I support that policy. VMI and The Citadel resisted until the Supreme Court forced them which they obliged with a grudge.

Kevin Akens' front porch has a view of the campus so at times, when I visit the Akens family, I'd bump in some VMI Cadets chasing after MBC women. A typical boorish conservative at its best when nobody is looking at them.

The Roanoke Times published an article that mentioned about my birthplace, Richmond's having few pictures on its message boards that showed the Cadets at VMI dressing up for Halloween as drag queens, starving African (A caucasian painting their face black) and few Nazis running amok. Feel free to read the article but be sure to read its message board afterwards. I can vouch that it will shock you with the Roanoke readers' hostile attitudes towards gays and others. I love the comments, especially about "Uncle Dad".

Some people will say to lighten up. I disagreed. The Cadets probably will end up at Guantamano Bay or Abu Ghraib or any posts around the world -- their behavior at the Halloween Party implied that they have no respect for the Holocaust, the struggles of others' rights and the groups that were inflicted by natural disasters.

I am also in favor of the VMI Administration to let the student-run judicial board to discipline the Cadets. According to the military rules, to fuck a guy is unbecoming conduct, but to mock or making fun of groups is somewhat OK as long as nobody is looking at you.

Here are the pictures:

I also used to have a fling with a Cadet from VMI. Go figure. He was a gentleman, but again, come to think of this, he was not a gentleman, either. I cannot help it if these Cadets turn me on ... but that was not the point here.

In a world filled with ignorance, hate and volatile fear, the Cadets knew better than that to mock and ridicule the groups. But that is all the Conservatives are capable of -- mocking and ridiculing.


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