Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Gang Signs

Last night, I watched the local news which explored the rapid growth of Mexican gangs, they kept on showing the guys using its symbol signs. Each time, they signed it -- I snickered. Am I the only person that laughed at their attempts to use the signs? They made a fool of themselves, trying to sign something that does not even make a blimp on the universal gestures.

It is like watching Kurzetard trying to talk about the vital issues, really!

You know, I had a lunch date with Susie today. I told her that what really amused me the most about Deaf people in this country is that they had the gall to say that they "do not like the gossips and think we are awful at that, but anyway I heard about this guy named [insert the name] ... he cheated on his girlfriend with a rotweiler dog."

Susie snickered as I said, "I'm like, 'Hello, you just talked about someone else -- that is gossip!'" But I often said nothing but inside my mind, I snickered at the irony itself.

I also mentioned to Susie that one person by the name of Doug Ridloff once remarked to my face that he disliked me because his friends said that I am one of these gossip-mongers. I quickly mentioned to Doug that since he and his friends talked about me, it ain't make him better than me because it still constituted the legitimacy of his gossips. Doug insisted that it was not his point.

Whatever he says, really.

I'm still amused that McCock still talked about me. Thanks for elevating me to a new level. Kurzetard, did your Mom teach you not to make up stories? Especially with your invisible manuscripts? Oops, I kept on forgetting that your Mom isn't there to discipline your behavior any longer.

At least, I'm being honest that I do gossip from time to time -- but again, so do you guys. Deal with it.

Happy gossipin'!


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