Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Beau, Colin Farrell

I was reading the local gay magazine and it mentioned that Colin Farrell went ahead to act as Alexander the Great basically because he was inspired by his gay brother.

What the fuck? He has a gay brother?

Yum. Damn, the future is bright, at least for us who craved for Colin Farrell's flesh.

On another subject, Richard Hatch was the gay nudist that I cannot stand in the first year of "Survivor" edition. I often rooted against him during the competition. But unfortunately, he won the competition.

But apparently, fortunately for me, I won the competition in the end because the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) busted him for failing to file the $1 million prize and $320,000 payment from Boston radio station.

Richard, you know what goes up always comes down. Now, try to be nude when you are in the prison and honey, don't forget to write a letter.

Hasta la vista!


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