Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Blue vs. Red -- Blue Wins (As Always)

It is rare that I get to laugh reading the transcript of a radio interview. Here is what happened, Micheael Signorile, as gay columnist and radio talk show host which many conservatives, Republicans and "red-staters" labelled him as a "liberal".

Which does not matter or suits Signorile just fine.

Signorile got in touch with Sheriff Holcomb of Marshall County, Alabama, mainly because the sheriff posted his opinion of homosexuality on a website, indicating that homosexuality is an "abomination".

Suffice to say, Signorile interviewed Sheriff Holcomb and can you guess who ended up being a typical fool out of Blue-Red turf? Of course it is Red. Signorile is a great guy, never lambasted the other for being "conservative", for being "racist", for being ...

But on the other side, Holcomb is the typical white trash southerner who complained that the Liberals are out to get them. Guys, this guy is delusional and he is the Sheriff! Only in Alabama, the land of conservative wackos.

Holcomb, thanks for being a good representative of Christian, conservative and Republican -- just a typical prick as I always believed.


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