Saturday, January 22, 2005

Who Actually Practices the So-Called “Crab Theory”???

Editor's Note: I got the request from a certain reader who wanted to respond to Kurzetard's lies on her blogsite. So I am posing this for this person.


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“Crab Theory” is quite an interesting topic. In fact, a deaf (small “d”) woman, a formerly Iowa resident who moved away (actually, she “ran away”) to Florida, made a reference of this topic from Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center’s brochure to argue that the crab theory is widely practiced in the Deaf community. As everyone knows, the crab theory is used everywhere – no matter Deaf or hearing!

The irony is that this same woman who cries the “Crab Theory” on the Deaf community actually practices this concept in her blog. She uses her abusive style to make personal attacks and lies on certain individuals for no apparent reasons.

It is apparent (and unfortunate) that she has a such uncontrollable jealous nature that has driven her into obsessive tendency. She had moved away to Florida and she ought to move on, yet she still obsesses over certain Deaf Iowans. Why? “Crab Theory!”

In that brochure, it states that Crab Theory is a “destructive practice of Deaf people pulling and putting down successful Deaf persons. This is done through vicious gossip (back-stabbing), spreading false rumors (slander), sending hateful e-mails, etc.” This deaf woman who now resides in Tampa area harbors resentment toward strong Deaf people just because their parents are Deaf. Many of her statements in her blog have reflected her as being a very angry person with personality problems.

It is such a pity that this woman truly resents the fact that those certain Deaf Iowans are successful and are in desirable positions – so much that she felt the need of going to extreme measure (lowering her level) to insult and abuse other people in order to make herself feel good. It is truly fascinating to see all of her unproven theories that explain why many people do not like her. The simple reason that many Deaf people (both from Deaf and hearing parents) do not like this woman is because she is very negative person and we do not like to associate with this type of people.

Deaf Iowans and everyone else, just ignore her as she is without a social class and she will feel worse because she fails to stir up reactions from you. Let her make a fool out of herself with all negative statements in her blog which have already showed true colors of herself as a downright mean-spirited, bitter and malicious person. Unless she comes to accept herself and her serious problems and apologize to certain individuals, she will never be able to put aside her jealousy and obsessive nature. In the end, her character becomes the “Crab Theory” on herself!

Here's Kurzetard

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