Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ryan Kelly the Silver Medalist!

This entry belonged to Ryan Kelly. When I first met Ryan, he was incredibly condescending but yet so nice. Normally, many men at Gallaudet are abrasive and offensive but certainly not necessary nice to anyone else. But Ryan was funny, cordial and nice.

Ryan Kelly on the left

Over the time, we befriended primarily because of our interests in comic books. We often commuted to the store to buy the books, then munched at some food joints in Washington area. Talked about our lives and all that stuff.

He told me that his parents are motorcyclist enthusiasts and that they lived in a small town in Wisconsin and many people would see his Dad prowling the streets with his Mom sitting behind, such a Harley-Davidson moment, is it? That he is a die-hard collector of Schwinn bicycles. Trust me, he has a garage full of these classic bicycles.

One funny story, when I got off from work ... I drove to my apartment in 609 Morris Place, was exhausted. Told my roommate, Dylan that I'll be in my room. I stripped naked and laid on my bed. Wondered what to do next? Jerking off or going to the shower? But I was not in the mood to GET UP from the bed. So I saw the comic book on the floor, apparently my other roommate left it in my room. I picked it up and decided to lay down on my chest and read the book, facing the door. I was still naked. Apparently the comic book saved my life, I decided not to masturbate but to read the comic book.

Ryan and his Dad barged in. It was my first time to meet his Dad. O-oh. Ryan muttered, "Hey, this is my Dad."

I screamed, "I AM NAKED!"

They bolted out of my room. I was shocked. All they saw was my flat ass, which is fine with me. I could not believe that they did not knock (hearing people, when they knock, they stomp loud on the door). Eventually, I dressed up and met Ryan downstairs -- and his family. His Dad is cool, a little like Stephen King with a leather coat. Has a long, black ponytail. His Mom is gorgeous, feisty blonde woman with wits. As time progressed, I had the utmost respect for Ryan and his parents. His Dad assured me that there is nothing that he did not see in my bedroom. I chuckled. But that was not something that I wanted to meet a friend's parents!

Some deaf people feared Ryan's mother because she was the nurse at a deaf school in Wisconsin who routinely caught the students for faking their illnesses to avoid from going to the school all day, she often ordered the students out of the infirmary and go to school.

But that does not matter to me. His parents are simply awesome, they met in high school and was together ever since. Suffice to say, both are inseparable and you can see the love coming out of Ryan's parents and its influences on Ryan and his younger brother.

Ryan, I'm proud and happy for you. I cannot feel the same that your parents do -- they probably are more than ecstatic. And I'm sure Jett is extremely proud of his Dad, Ryan.



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