Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Carpe Diem!

There were 2 hostages sitting in their chairs by one side of the dining table. On other side of the dining table consisted of 4 villains standing next to each other, staring at the hostages. One of them muttered, "We should kill them now."

One villain muttered, "Calm down, time is not now. It shall happen when they arrive."

Meanwhile in another dimension, two heroic characters were fighting their way out of the dimension and suddenly, they saw the light at the top of the darkness. Two characters raced to reach for the light in high speed, when they approached the light, it was a hole into the dining room with a dining table divided between the two hostages and four villains.

When two characters emerged from the darkness, one shouted, "Wait!"

But it was too late as four villains knew that they arrived as they went ahead to attack two hostages across the dining table.

Why did I mention this? I am like four villains, I seize the moment to attack whether if one pleads to stop or at least, wait ... they gotta deal with the outcome of this situation. I will just go after the objection, but I do not hide from it, I do it in front of others. And when I am done with it, people will see that there is a lesson out of this -- an explanation do not always work all the time. Sometimes, people asked for it and I shall deliver the blow. They shall have to pick up the pieces on their own. Their shattered mirrors, that is.


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