Sunday, January 30, 2005

Mike Piazza Is Now ... Mrs. Piazza!

You know the TV show, Will & Grace, where Karen Walker convinced Jack to marry her servant, Rosario to keep her in the United States. Jack obliged -- then at the wedding, where Jack had to stand next to Rosario. And when the Priest started to do the whole blah blah -- suddenly, Jack's gay friends snickered in the back of the chapel. Jack turned around and laughed with them and said in an effeminate tone, "Stop that! That is not funny!"

That was my first thought when it comes to Mike Piazza, the New York Mets Catcher -- one of the most popular and pretty boy on the team. He is now Mrs. Piazza, after marrying some Playboy Playmate last Saturday.

Few years ago, there was a rumor circulating in Manhattan that Mike Piazza fancied men. Mike, perhaps out of "gay panic syndrome", called a press conference to announce ... "I am heterosexual."


He had to call a press conference to insist that he is heterosexual despite the fact that he has two homes that is very close to gay communities. That should be a clue enough, though.

Honest to God, any ordinary heterosexual men would say, "No, I'm straight." They would not use the term: "I am heterosexual."

And by the way, the pics of Mike Piazza's wedding ... is so gay.

Either way, congratulations, Mrs. Mike Piazza.


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