Saturday, January 15, 2005

Third Time Is Not The Charm

The information out of Melbourne, Australia is skeptical at its best. I really cannot understand the international boxscores. But here it goes.

MEN'S BASKETBALL: No contest there. USA won the Gold, 108-78 over Slovenia.

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL: The Fates continued to favor the Deaf USA Women's Basketball team as they spoiled Sweden's hopes to unseat the USA's hold on the Gold for many decades as USA ran away with a 89-75 win. In the first quarter, the US outscored 23-9 and expanded the lead to 22, 44-22 at the half. Sorry, Touria, Therese and Cecelia.

HANDBALL: Croatia spoiled the USA's chance to win the first Gold Medal in the sport as they rolled to a 43-26 rout. The cinderella run to the Silver Medal is duly noted. Congratulations, boys.

Tomorrow is the last day of two-week celebration of Deaflympics. Up next in 2009 is Taipei, Taiwan. That is if the mainland China decided not to attack before then.

On another subject -- I am fuming about the loss to Duke last night. ARGH!

And apparently, the removed the color fonts!

Are they trying to antagonize me today?


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