Friday, January 14, 2005

I Heart Matt Leinart

I personally cannot stand Southern Cal. I personally thought Matt Leinart was too much of a pretty boi -- a little of everything: athletic, condescending and all that. Reading the papers for months about how good Southern Cal is, blah, blah, blah makes me root for anyone else to beat Leinart & Co.

Pete Carroll did a great job of bringing Southern Cal back to the national prominence. I will admit that. After watching them destroying Oklahoma Sooners 55-19, I stopped watching after the third quarter when the game was completely out of reach for the Sooners and the Southern Cal was too dominant. I stopped watching not because Southern Cal was too dominant, but how the players responded to its opponents each time after the play. For instance, when USC tackled a player, then quickly stood up above the player and intimidated him and with his hands open as to say, "C'mon, can you do that on me?"

That was a turn off.

You know how it is in today's professional sports. The lucrative contracts for millions of dollars are irresistible. Especially to college students who are always short on its end. So we routinely observed more and more players leaving college for the professional sports. Money now, don't worry about the future. That was the theme among the players.

Matt Leinart is the Quarterback of Southern Cal, a Heisman winner and a pretty boi. *barf* He led USC to its second consecutive national championship. He has a good arm. Many scouts said that if he left USC for a professional team, he'll be worth millions of dollars because he still has a good arm. If he chose to stay in college for one more year (he is third-year student at Southern Cal majoring in Sociology with 2.96 GPA), he could get injured and anything can happen and his lucrative contracts can disappear just like that.

So Matt had a tough decision.

Today, he announced that he is staying at USC because he enjoys his time at USC. And he wanted to cherish the moments of being a college student. He is doing this not for money, but for his love of the sport and school.

That moment when I heard the announcement, I heart Matt Leinart.


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