Monday, January 24, 2005

"Let's Kick Ass!"

In Tomatina, Spain, there is a festival that happens every year where thousands of people threw the rotten tomatoes on each other. When they are done with it, they cleaned up the area.

Somewhere in Italy, the villagers once went crazy and threw stones at some important people to their deaths. And then, they celebrated the festival with an annual fight of stoning with each other ... not using the stones but oranges. Sure enough, lots of people got bruises and it is a way to release their tensions. Women, children, men -- all picked up many oranges and threw it on each other.

I thought it was great idea.

Here is a suggestion to have a festival in Washington, DC -- let's set up something in Freedom Plaza and distribute the apples to individuals where we all can throw and bash people's heads off.

How's that?

*picking up the apples and throw it hard on Republicans and conservatives*


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