Friday, January 28, 2005

This Is Ridiculous

Is it me or that College Republicans, Conservatives and X-ians are getting lame or what?

C'mere. C'mon. Come here. Why did we have Gay Pride Week, Parade, March and/or Festival? It is because we are a minority. Less than 10% of the society are GLBTIWSDCVDSDFWEXCFLKSDFJSDFKSH. Ok, maybe 15%. But it is to be publicly acknowledged that we exist. That there are still struggles to overcome.

As for straight guys and gals who does not face a struggle when it comes to your feelings for the opposite sex, not at all. Why do you feel so threatened by us to a point where the College Republicans decided to host the Straight Pride Week?

Check Pam's blog for pictures.

The College Republicans in UNT also organized the event called, "Seize the Illegal Immigrant Day". First this, and now "Straight Pride Week"?

Honest to God, you straight men lacked the creativity. You had to look at us in order to elevate your egotistic pride.

My little flea-minded Republicans, Conservatives and X-ians: Grow up.


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